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Jim Bruzzese
Jim Bruzzese, CGA, PMM is a former City Manager, Treasurer and General Manager of Corporate Services with 30+ years experience in the municipal sector, including 14 years as a consultant and President of BMA.

He is recognized for his ability to work effectively with disparate groups to develop solutions that are acceptable to all parties and are based on sound principles of sustainability. He is also a recognized leader in financial management, having written articles and manuals and been a key note presenter on topics including long range financial management, cash management, budgeting, water/wastewater rate setting, PSAB 3150, performance measurement, reserves and debt management across Canada.

Since 2000, Jim has been the project leader for the firmà¡®nual Municipal Study for the, working with over 100 municipalities participating annually. Jim has also been project lead on numerous municipal projects including development charges, cash management, reserve and debt policies, long term financial planning, financing agreements, development planning, user fee and permit studies, PSAB implementation as well as operational/organizational reviews and public policy development.

Jim is a Certified General Accountant, has received a diploma in public administration from the University of Western Ontario and an advanced government finance diploma from the University of Berkley (California).

Catherine Minshull
BComm, MBA
Catherine Minshull, MBA, B.Comm is a former Director of Municipal Studies and Senior Financial Policy Advisor with 20 years experience in the municipal sector, including 14 years as a consultant and as the Vice-President of BMA.

Catherine plays the primary role in all projects involving financial model development, rate option reviews, best practice research, financial condition assessments, tax policies, building permit fees, user fees, water/sewer rates, reserves and debt management, budgeting and long range financial planning. Catherine has extensive experience in report writing, analysis and developing complex financial models on behalf of BMAà­µnicipal clients which are provided to the municipality at the conclusion of the project in a user-friendly format. She also plays a critical role in all organizational and operational reviews undertaken by BMA in virtually all municipal programs and services as well as public policy development.

Clients have consistently recognized Catherine for her commitment to delivering excellence, her leadership abilities and her uncompromising approach to managing projects and delivering recommendations that could be implemented.

Catherine holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) and an M.B.A. from McMaster University.